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“It is our job as community builders to have a solid vision for the future. Decisions made today impact the quality of life for our children tomorrow."

“John’s innovative style, disciplined approach, personal integrity and courageous spirit make him a valued leader.”

“No matter with whom he is dealing with, he brings a very positive energy to the interaction and people always feel they have received solid support or learned relevant information”

Community Engagement

As we grow in each town, it is important to have passionate engaged residents. As a leader…

I believe in:

  • Community involvement early in the planning process.
  • Creation of Community Committees in neighbourhoods.
  • Decision making process.
    • Seeking diverse feedback and input.
    • Follow up and provide timely responses.
    • Shared sense of accomplishment.
    • Partnering with Experts.
    • Reflecting and Review.

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Managing Growth

In 2018 we have outpaced the population projections for 2031 with outdated planning. This has resulted in multi-facet impacts throughout the area leading to taxpayer dollars to repair impact zones. As a parent…

I am committed to:

  • Inclusive & Impact planning.
  • Creating awareness about the Urban Plan and the impact on Urban Sprawl and Green Space.
  • Providing reliable, punctual, and affordable transit to all residents.
  • Challenging the Procurement Process for housing, transit, and services.
  • Why Development Exceptions occur.
  • Creating awareness about the Secondary Transportation Plan (2011)

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Safety and Security

We continue to see a spike of incidents, the responsiveness from our current councillor has not satisfied the community. Is the root cause being identified? As a professional…

I am passionate about:

  • Getting the resources that we are paying for.
  • Properly allocating emergency resources to reflect growth and sprawl.
  • Creating a safe and secure community through Neighbourhood design and Community Policing.
  • Additional training for sensitive situations.
  • Annual review of redundancy planning to protect emergency response teams and communities.

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